Dream Log: Sane, yet insane

I had an odd dream last night, it was almost scary for me…

Most of the dream is getting too fuzzy to remember the details now, but the gist of it was that I was locked away in a mental facility for getting in the way of some extremely wealthy person’s goals. I had done something to actively stop his plans. All I remember is that in the middle of the night people came and took me and placed me in a big white van…and waking up the next day in a white room and wearing a hospital gown.

I woke up within a building for the mentally insane. The mental facility was like a hospital, it was all white and had long hallways with multiple doors for all the people it housed. At the end of the hallway was a barred door for the staff to stay safe from “us.” I constantly heard the moanings, weepings, screamings, and crying of all the “insane” people around me. While being locked in here I was heavily medicated. Whenever I could be “good” they’d take me off of it and let me walk around outside. However whenever I got the chance to tell I normal person that I’m not crazy, everyone just shook there heads and called over the nurses and guys to medicate me and lock me in my room again.

It was frustrating because I knew for a fact that I was not insane and that no one would believe me though I was telling the truth. I tried to explain that I had stopped a wealthy corporation from doing something immoral and illegal and as punishment they paid good money to keep me silenced in here.

Eventually I made some friends within the facility. Insane people may not be normal by our definition, but they are most definitely sane in their own individual ways. They have a completely different perspective of things. That was something in my dream I found to be amazing, that their little quirks revealed truth of different dimensions that we’re used to.

One of the main things of my dream that I can hear clearly in my head is the voice of one of the patients asking me a question. They were trying to give me advice on how to get out of here. This patient also claimed to be sane, though similar to how others treated myself in my claims, I knew he was probably not. Yet, he believed in me and my endeavors to get out of here.

He asked me, “Look outside the 16th story window what do you see?”

"A flagpole?"

"If you keep answering with the obvious you’ll never make it out of here."

I went back up to the 16th floor to look outside the window again. I saw a flagpole, but that’s when I also noticed a light similar to that of a projector shining through the window. I must’ve been insane, but on the floor I saw a projection showing the paycheck that the guy who ran the place was receiving to keep me locked up. In my mind this was evidence, though I started to believe I was crazy as well. I must’ve imagined it, I was suddenly full of feelings of doubt and sadness in that what if  I was crazy this entire time? I spent all my energy, possibly denying what was the very truth?

Then I woke up….

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